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Mobile 3D Body Scanning

M3DScan lets users take 3D body scans and body measurements directly on the iPad or iPhone using the Structure Sensor. It also features a 3D Model viewer and custom measurement tools to compute any body measurement in real time. A great tool for measuring clients in the orthodic and prosthetics industry.

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Virtual Tailor

3D for Apparel Fit

Virtual Tailor is a shopping platform that uses the customer's body measurements or 3D body scan to find and recommend the best fitting apparel. Users can input their body measurements or get scanned at one of our locations to start using the platform. Retailers can put our 3D scanning booth into their spaces to become a scanning location

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3D Body Scanning for Fitness

Shredd3D is a mobile 3D fitness tracking tool for personal trainers and gyms. Using Shredd3D you can take detailed 3D body scans directly on the iPad using the Structure Sensor.

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About The Company

We are a software company developing 3D tools that are revolutionizing the way people do business across different industries. Our main focus is on mobile 3D body scanning applications for the apparel, fitness, and medical industries. We stand at the forefront of 3D scanning technology at a time when 3D sensors are becoming faster, smaller, and more affordable. As 3D sensors emerge in mobile devices, we are ready to deliver the next generation of mobile applications.

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